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Meet the women of

Vembanad, rising up... 

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                 Manju                                               Anija                                             Seema 

Manju of Muhamma village along with her husband does clam ** collection & processing, the main occupation of people around Vembanad. Through vocational training she has learnt the craft of producing soft toys. Milee is a new found engagement she is hopeful about.
Anija's vocational training is tailoring. She is member of MREGA & CDS who survives on Govt. welfare funds. Bhava's initiative with the Milee bags will help improve her financial support.
A mother of 2 kids, her husband was in the clam collection occupation but now has taken up a job with KSEB. She is a community leader & believes there is much she & her compatriots can gain through the Milee project.

MILEE says

  "Buy me"

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                                  Reshma                                                        Ambili                           

Reshma has an Assistant Nursing background. Her husband is in the Clam collection occupation. She has also had vocational training in Tailoring & is part of the team in Muhamma sti
Ambili is a graduate in Philosophy & wishes to pursue PG in the future.She is a Tailor by profession & supports her family with 2 children by engaging in part time work that includes making of coir ropes..

Milee Bags and its impact...

Saree is the symbol of a long heritage of Indian women- the heritage is being passed on in the form of bags made by women which empower them and help the environment.  Through Milee Bags we aim to provide sustained opportunity to make a livelihood and at the same time create positive environmental change.
The awareness & educational campaign drive has been the corner stone of our methodology for the community to imbibe a recycling culture & hence nurture creative skills to develop new product design

Every piece of bag bought by you will help support the flood affected victims in this old fishing hamlet, Muhamma located at the shores of the Vembanad lake.


Multi-purpose bags produced from handpicked clothes: Used Sarees, Curtains & Bed Sheets Treated & washed beforehand provides an alternative for plastic bags.


Women from Muhamma village has been trained to tastefully select & produce uniquely designed Pouch bags &  String Bags

How we do it?

Sketch says it All!

Website _ bag making proocess.jpg

Pouch bags are easy to use alternative for plastic carry bags. It comes with the ease of carrying it in pocket or hand bag. The bag can carry up to 4 kg weight. It can be washed and reused if wet groceries or meat is being purchased.

Drawstring bags comes handy for those Gym goers, short learning classes or travel. They are light weight and can carry up to 6 kgs. The easy opening and closing make sure that the user can load and unload his/her stuff without consuming much time. 



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ii. Bulk purchases: email us at


Engaging self-help groups

checi sewing.jpeg
Bhava in conjunction with NGO's have been making a sustained effort on a Cloth to Carry Bag (C2C) campaign through schools & colleges. The fruits of the labour is brought out in these wonderful up-cycled bags. Each bag is unique & is a result of a soulful engagement of many helpful hands along the way.  

About Vembanad!

Vembanad lake is a Ramsar designated wetland site. Vembanad Lake Wetland System is one of the largest and richest wetland ecosystems in India. Spread over 36,000 ha, Vembanad is a complex series of backwaters, marshes, lagoons, mangrove forests, reclaimed land and an intricate network of natural and manmade canals. The natural biodiversity associated to the lake has been declining due to natural and anthropogenic influences. The community around Vembanad lake are helping to sustain this water body that is so important to our ecological preservation.

Cloth to Carry Bag Campaign

Innovation Center

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The Muhamma Panchayat in conjunction with NGOs, Ashoka Trust for Environment & Ecology (ATREE) & Sustera has been conducting training for the women of this village to develop & produce new products in the context of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). A Social Innovation Lab has been set up for this purpose under the aegis of this organization.
Send us your feedback on the product & spread the word
to help rehabilitate the Flood victims of Kerala .

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