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10 takeaways from the Genऋ sustainability workshop.

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

-Bhadra & Sanju

The notion of sustainable development has gained momentum over the years. However, there is a significant lack of knowledge about how one can lead a sustainable life with less impact on the environment.

With an increasing number of disasters and rapid, biodiversity loss it has become urgent to shift gears from high emission pathway to a lower one. There should be radical changes in how we see nature and our position ourselves in it. Moreover, if we continue in the path of 'business as usual' we may face cataclysm in the near future.

Many things that we do unconsciously contribute to the slow deterioration of our planet. What if with one small effort we could change all that? YES! There’s a plausible way!

Bhava is working in the forefront helping people realize their impact on the environment and help reduce emission and consumption. From marketing eco-friendly products to empowering women and in creating a community which embraces sustainability, the Bhava Store has got it all.

Bhava is working towards creating the Genऋ (Generation-Re) tribe, a community that works together to reduce one's impact on the environment. Bhava has initiated the 3-day online Genऋ workshop that aims at inspiring people to change their lifestyle. This 3-day workshop invokes the utmost need and simpler ways to protect the environment without compromising on our needs. Attend this exuberant workshop and become a part of the Genऋ Tribe.

The 10 takeaways from this amazing workshop:-

1. Know your impact on the environment

The workshop gives you a precise idea of your impact on the environment. Participants are shown their consumption and emission pattern which helps them realize their impact.

2.Climate change and carbon emissions

The workshop explains about anthropogenic climatic changes and the destruction caused by us knowingly or unknowingly. Participants get to learn about various sources of emission in personal and professional life. By the end of the 3-day workshop, participants get a personalized report of the above data.

3. Plastic usage survey

Plastics did revolutionize our lifestyle, but also has turned out to be a great threat in this century. The workshop helps you analyze your plastic usage through personal plastic audit and provides you with alternatives that can be easily adapted to replace plastic products to a minimum level.

4. Know your environment

Nature has an immense amount of flora and fauna. They all coexist together to form a balanced environment. The workshop helps you look into the various aspects of the ecosystem and the need to protect them.

5. Interact with like-minded people

This is the best part of the workshop. You get an opportunity to interact with amazing tribe members from across the planet. Also, we, at Bhava India always welcome fresh and innovative ideas. So at this workshop, you get a chance to share your thoughts for a better future.

6. Inspire through group work

You might always be confused about where to start and how to proceed. If you are alone, you might speculate the impact of your efforts and may feel isolated in this drive towards a better future. But when you are with a group of people working towards this same goal, the assurance and motivation to move forward are immense. The constant group interaction will bring the best ideas out. The group activities help in learning new ideas and communicating them to friends and family. -Below is a video made as part of group activity

7. Make at home thought

Do-it-Yourself activities are a growing trend these days. This workshop provides you with sufficient DIY projects that would reduce the use of many polluting substances and encourage you to try out the green alternatives at home.

8. ऋthink, ऋuse, ऋcycle, ऋduce

We, at Bhava India, spread this message through our deeds. From motivating use of eco-friendly and upcycled products, we try to invoke the thought of sustainability in every individual. The workshop brings a solution to all your questions based on the motto.

9. Genऋ Pledge

Being a part of the workshop makes you realize the importance to save and protect nature. Participants are motivated to take the Genऋ Pledge. So, this is your first big step in the mission towards sustainability and you’ll already be implementing it by the end of the workshop. Every small effort from your side will make a huge difference!

10. Genऋ Tribe

The Genऋ Tribe, an expanding community consisting of several individuals working together towards a green future. We try to spread the message of a sustainable lifestyle through our actions. We believe that we would be able to make the world a better place by standing together. So come join us and help us grow this venture.

The workshop offers you lots of opportunities, it helps you think and do right. The effort you take might be small, but the ऋalization to take one makes a better future!

Join now!

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