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Sharing ideas and taking tangible action are what the Genऋ Tribe is all about!

Becoming an individual who ऋduce, ऋuse and ऋcycle. 

We help you with a sustainable lifestyle.


Company that co exists with nature and believes in triple bottom line.

We help companies ऋduce emissions by moving from business as usual  thus mitigating future risks.

About  the Genऋ? Workshop!

We have reached a tipping point where further nuances to the ecosystem can lead to catastrophe. Its time that we start acting to protect the environment and stabilize climate. Let's figure us how? and work together!

  • Have we messed up the earth?
  • "Water-Energy-Waste" Understanding the nexus.

  • Global goals for 2030?

  • Being a conscious consumer.

  • 2-degree rise! How bad can that be?

  • What is this carbon thing all about?

Will update on upcoming events!

Contact us at +91 97468 47937

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