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Saree is the symbol of a long heritage of Indian women- the heritage is being passed on in the form of bags made by women which empower them and help the environment.  Through Milee Bags we aim to provide sustained opportunity to make a livelihood and at the same time create positive environmental change.

MILEE says

  "Buy me"

How we do it?

Sketch says it All!

Website _ bag making proocess.jpg

Pouch bags are easy to use alternative for plastic carry bags. It comes with the ease of carrying it in pocket or hand bag. The bag can carry up to 4 kg weight. It can be washed and reused if wet groceries or meat is being purchased.

Drawstring bags comes handy for those Gym goers, short learning classes or travel. They are light weight and can carry up to 6 kgs. The easy opening and closing make sure that the user can load and unload his/her stuff without consuming much time. 

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